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Duqm has so much to offer as tourist, industrial destination

Duqm has so much to offer as tourist, industrial destination

There are several other tourist attractions in the wilayat. The Rock Park is a single of the most prominent websites. The park is a special geological web site. Duqm is characterised by its pristine beaches and fishing villages, heritage and proximity to the wildlife reserve in the Governorate of Al Wusta.

The Special Economic Zone Authority in Duqm (SEZAD) has supplied a appropriate atmosphere for the development of tourism investments by means of setting up a tourist location characterised by a waterfront positioned on a coastline location of 26sq km. It has been supplied with all infrastructure facilities, such as electrical energy, water, roads and communications. Dr Ismail bin Ahmed al Balushi, acting CEO of SEZAD, affirmed that the zone attracted several high quality tourism projects.

He pointed out that there are 27 current and ongoing tourism projects which includes three, four and five-star hotels, hotel apartments, resorts and tourist facilities which includes restaurants, leisure clubs, cafes, shops, water parks, apartments and villas.

He added that Duqm enjoys a particular location in the National Tourism Strategy 2040, which has deemed it as a promising gateway of enterprise and industrial activities and an perfect destination for these wishing to take a holiday to unwind and take pleasure in the picturesque beaches, which are amongst the most gorgeous in the sultanate.

He added that the method proposed the improvement of a tourist location in Duqm in the coming years.

He additional stated that the tourist places are deemed a single of the primary elements of the tourism improvement program advised by the Omani method study.

He affirmed that the zone is witnessing an escalating demand for investment in the hotel sector. He attributed this improve to a number of aspects, most notably the investment climate and ease of application.

He added that the zone will witness an financial boom in the coming years. He pointed out that there are at present 3 hotels in Duqm that offer about 500 rooms, but the projected development of the zone needs the building of new hotel facilities. Dr Balushi furthered that in order to encourage tourism and attract much more vacationers to the Governorate of Al Wusta in basic and Duqm in specific, an airport has been established in Duqm to connect the Special Economic Zone of Duqm (SEZD) to the outdoors planet for the objective of transporting passengers and cargo.

The operations of the new passenger terminal started on September 17, 2018. In addition, SEZAD, represented by the Department of Promotion, has ready a proposal for operating chartered trips to Duqm, in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism.

He pointed out that the efforts to create Duqm aim at reviving the city’s ancient charm and its genuine Omani heritage. The present program will spend an sufficient focus to the conservation of beaches at the zone with its different varieties of migratory birds, fish, historical monuments and wealthy geological elements, which make Duqm an essential tourist destination.

He stated that a study performed by SEZAD anticipated higher demand for hotel solutions and the zone will require 5 to eight hotels in the coming years.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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