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Duqm dams store 24mn cu m water

Duqm dams store 24mn cu m water

This was informed to H E Yahya bin Said al Jabri, Chairman of the Special Economic Zone Authority at Duqm (SEZAD) in the course of a pay a visit to final week. H E Jabri was accompanied by H E Said bin Hamdoon al Harthi, Undersecretary for Ports and Maritime Affairs in the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

The pay a visit to comprised touring the dams, water drainage canals, Duqm Refinery, Duqm port and private sector projects in the zone. The project engineers briefed their excellencies on the protection program established by SEZAD to shield the financial zone, particularly in the course of such climate circumstances. The program consists of two dams, i.e. Wadi Saay Dam and Wadi Jurf Dam, and 3 drainage canals.
The dam protection program is aimed to shield main projects beneath building in the zone which includes Port of Duqm, Dry Dock, Duqm Refinery and other individuals.

H E Jabri expressed satisfaction with the efforts produced by the staff of SEZAD, businesses operating in the zone, the ROP and the Wali workplace in Duqm to deal with the tropical storm.

116mm rain in Duqm

Duqm received about 116mm as tropical storm swept by means of Al Wusta governorate final week. The Wadi Jurf Dam stored 16mn m3 water whilst Wadi Saay Dam stored about 8mn m3. The dam’s lakes are developed to store about 50mn m3 water. The height of Wadi Jurf Dam is about 19.4m and extends to 1,600m. Its lake has a storage capacity of 32.8mn m3 wadi water. The Wadi Saay Dam is 16.4m higher, three,665m extended and 100m wide. It can accommodate about 17mn m3 water. SEZAD has established 3 canals for the discharge of water.

H E Harthi added that the protection program at the Special Economic Zone in Duqm protects the port and the dry dock from the overflowing wadis. “The potential risks, which could affect the port, dry dock and other projects have been reviewed. Seventeen vessels remain docked during the storm at Port of Duqm along with 50 fishing vessels.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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