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Don’t let mosquitoes, insects ruin your khareef holidays

Don’t let mosquitoes, insects ruin your khareef holidays

Experts, medical doctors and municipality officials say khareef guests need to take essential precautions as mosquito and insect bites at tourist spots in Salalah is a frequent phenomenon. There may well be scars and itching which can ruin people’s entertaining in the course of the season.

Doctors suggest that individuals use bottled water and stay away from tap water. In beaches, it is suggested to cover one’s legs and arms. People need to also apply mosquito repellent. Dr Basheer A P, chief internist at Badr al Samaa Hospital in Ruwi, stated, “Mosquito and tick repellent are very easily obtainable in all components of Salalah. Make certain to have and use them routinely.

The repellent lasts for a number of hours and is protected. Tourists ought to be cautious. If you are bitten, stay away from scratching on bites and apply Hydrocortisone cream or Calamine lotion to minimize itching.”

He also added that although going to crowded locations, senior citizens, chemotherapy individuals and youngsters need to cover their faces to stay away from germs.

“Also they can have flu vaccine as a precautionary measure,” he stated.

Dr Jehan Hamdi, common doctor, KIMS Oman Hospital, stated, “Though the mosquitoes in Salalah are not harmful but it is always best to take precautions. The ointment is the best option as it is readily available and also economical. Make sure to take special care of children as they are sensitive to rashes. Never leave them in open spaces and make sure to cover them well.”

Camping is 1 of the most sought-following activities in the khareef season. Campers, nevertheless, need to be cautious as it is in the course of wee hours that mosquitoes commence their attack. Doctors strictly suggest guests to sleep inside mosquito nets.

Dr Fathiya Rahman, MD at Abeer Hospital, added, “The greatest way to safeguard from mosquito bites is to stay away from getting bitten. How do we do that? Well, adopt straightforward measures such as wearing extended, light-coloured clothes when going outdoors, specifically following dark when mosquitoes are active.

“Another simple step is to use mosquito repellents. You can buy them from local pharmacies or supermarkets in the forms of swabs, creams or sprays. Pick whichever is convenient and right for your age. If you are camping outdoors make sure to use mosquito nets.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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