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Dip in the sea with pets? You can be fined RO50

Dip in the sea with pets? You can be fined RO50

An official from the Muscat Municipality stated that pets can’t be taken for a swim in the sea in Oman. “This is in violation of Local Order No 21/011 and any owner found taking their pets to the sea in Oman will be fined RO50.”

One has to take permit from the veterinary authority at the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MoAF) to take pets to any public location. However, several in town Muscat Daily spoke to stated that they had been not conscious of such a rule.

Ruth Kaetlin, a resident of Muscat stated, “I have a German Shepherd and I take her to the beach at times, but I never take her to the water.”

Ruth stated that she was not conscious of the penalty but avoided taking her canine to the waters.
“There are many people who swim there, especially on weekends and no one would probably like to swim in the same water.”

Nivedita Dash, a resident of Ghubra as well stated that she was not conscious of the rule. “I have a Labrador and take him to the beach every evening. However, I just walk him on the beach but do not take him to the sea even though I did not know about the RO50 fine.”

“It is mandatory to get a permit from MoAF without which pets cannot be taken to public places,” the municipality official stated, adding, “If pets dirty public areas, owners must clean them or pay a penalty of RO50.”

“If you do not have a permit from the veterinary authority and are found with your pet in a public area, the municipality can take action,” the official stated. However, if a individual refuses to obey a municipality official’s order in a public region, the civic physique can coordinate with the ROP, he added.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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