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‘Dieting, supplements no replacement for healthy eating’

‘Dieting, supplements no replacement for healthy eating’

They also supply a word of caution for these who are also rapid to jump onto each and every and each and every weight-loss programme on the Internet with out studying their consequences.

Dr Jishey Seby, dietitian, KIMS Oman Hospital, says, “I would rather recommend a modified diet and exercise than supplements.”

Unless a deficiency is identified, a supplement is unnecessary and a balanced diet plan along with optimum workout is sufficient to keep healthy, think specialists.

Rather than break the bank on dietary supplements it is much better to seek the advice of a dietitian on how to balance your diet plan, says Dr Khezia Jane E Resma, nutrionist, Burjeel Hospital.

She added, “Supplements promoting weight loss are a fad and they are not safe.”

Weight loss is a journey that wants to be undertaken for a lifetime, feels Dr Hanan al Shaqsi, dietitian, Aster al Raffah Hospital, Ghubra. “I am absolutely against these pills, teas, shakes, or supplements that promote weight loss. Weight loss is a lifetime journey. People should know that dietary modifications are not supposed to be temporary.”

Dr Hanan also strongly feels about these who latch on to meals fads such as raw veganism with out thinking about their physique sort.

“Moderation is the key. Raw food is beneficial in many ways. A raw food diet is essential in getting vitamins that probably get lost while cooking. However, one has to consider the body type of a person and check if he/she has any medical issues,” she says.

“Some of the questions we ask when working with a client is if they are going to be vegan? Will they have a source of Vitamin B12 in their diet or would they require a supplement? It is important to understand a body type before concluding if a diet will be beneficial to a person,” Dr Hanan adds.

Raw meals is a favourite when speaking of weight loss, says Dr Khezia. “Raw food is essential in many cultures and it should be accommodated in moderation.”

Thoselooking for immediate weight loss are living in a planet of myth, think specialists. “Dieting programmes just waste time and can be dangerous to one’s health, especially those with medical conditions. Use the Internet to guide you to professionals. Many fad diets are either way too high in fat, protein, or way too low in carbohydrate. Someone with cholesterol, for example, may get into trouble with such unscientific diets,” says Dr Hanan.

Crash diets also are a huge no. A rapid repair weight loss remedy does a lot more harm. Many a occasions they minimize the metabolism, weaken the immune program, result in dehydration and can even result in harm to skin and hair, says Dr Jishey.

Crash dieting also bounces back these pounds when you abandon them, says Dr Khezia. “These are not sustainable weight loss programmes and the risk for rebound weight gain is very high.”

The very best way to adopt a healthy way of life is by consuming intelligent and consuming proper, says Dr Hanan. “Gradual dietary modification is essential.”

Dr Khezia agrees by saying, “I encourage my clients to make small changes in their eating habits. Small changes make great impact and are good for sustainability. I believe in the slogan, ‘What you eat today is what your body becomes tomorrow’.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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