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Dhofar’s jewel: The quaint coastal town of Taqah

Dhofar’s jewel: The quaint coastal town of Taqah

With its scenic locales and wealthy heritage, the spot is getting projected by the Ministry of Tourism (MoT) as a not-to-be-missed location.

Some 30km away from Salalah, Taqah is situated on the coastal strip of Dhofar and the second biggest city in the governorate. The rush of vacationers in the wilayat is escalating each day thanks to its topography and geological diversity, MoT stated.

The USP of the spot also is that it is 1 of the initial wilayats of the governorate to encounter the onset of the khareef season. Known for its mountains, springs, caves, coves as effectively as white beaches, the wilayat also has some fascinating archaeological web sites that inform the tale of its wealthy civilisation and heritage.

Marwan bin Abdulhakim al Ghassani, director of Tourism Promotion in the Directorate General of Tourism of Dhofar Governorate, mentioned, “The wilayat of Taqah has many archaeological sites, including the popular Samharam, which is one of the oldest cities, dating back to 3rd millennium BC. The Taqah port is also a popular site as it was one of the oldest ports in the Arabian peninsula.”

The Taqah Fort in the middle of the city is distinctive in terms of its shape and design and style.

Natural bounties Famous for its springs, Taqah is well-known for its caves and coves. It has a beach (Khor Rori) and numerous nature reserves.

Wadi Darbat is a well-known landmark of the governorate. Hunting, grazing, livestock breeding, honey extraction, dairy farming and carpentry are some of the occupations practised in the wilayat.

Traditional industries contain, leather, palm frond weaving, fishing net production, handicrafts, sewing and embroidery.

Salim al Buraiki from Saham, a visitor to the Salalah, mentioned, “I usually visit Dhofar with my family during the khareef season. I would like to visit Taqah, especially the Al Haq Municipality which has got some stunning locales. I also want to visit Wadi Darbat which is considered the most important tourist attraction in the governorate.”

Ghassani mentioned that folk dances, photography and handicraft exhibition and a selection of entertainment activities will be organised at the Al Farda website on Taqah beach in the course of the khareef season.

Maintenance perform Saeed bin Rajab Shajna’ah, director of Tourism Development in the Directorate General of Tourism of Dhofar governorate mentioned, Dhofar governorate is a tourist’s paradise all through the year and so MoT has taken excellent efforts to undertake repair and improvement perform at numerous tourism web sites.

Shajna’ah added that the directorate has undertaken upkeep perform in Wadi Darbat. The broken columns of the fence have been repaired and painted. The sidewalks in the location have also been worked on.

Maintenance perform was also carried out at the Sahalnout spring exactly where flooring has been carried out with neighborhood stones.

Some chairs have been installed and the iron gate has been repaired and painted. The parking location has also been refurbished.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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