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Dhabab Resort in Quriyat to open in 2020

Dhabab Resort in Quriyat to open in 2020

The minister told reporters that the Dhabab Resort is distinctive and internationally managed. “An agreement has been signed with Melia International, one of the world’s leading companies in the management and operation of hotels,” he mentioned.

He added that Oman has been in a position to attract international businesses in the management of hotel facilities. “This is evidence of investors’ confidence in the sultanate. This will be an addition to the tourism sector in the sultanate when it opens.”

Abdul Razzaq Ali Issa al Sabbagh, a single of the project partners, mentioned, “This is the first 5-star resort being built in Quriyat, between Muscat and Sur. Around 60 per cent construction is complete and it is expected to be fully complete in the first quarter of 2020.”

He added that the project is situated in a important location that needs tourist resorts. “The resort has an advantage of being close to Najm park, Wadi al Arbaeen, Wadi Shab and Wadi Dayqah. It is also a tourist destination for lovers of water sports, water skiing, diving, fishing and other activities.”

He added that the resort consists of 92 rooms with sea and mountain views, such as 24 chalets overlooking the sea straight, and consists of 3 luxury suites and 5 extra suites, and offers several facilities for guests, such as two swimming pools, a wellness club and squash court.

The resort will be managed by Melia Group, a worldwide hotel management group that is a single of the biggest hotel operators in Europe and the third biggest in the globe.

Sabbagh mentioned, “The style of the resort will advantage from the neighborhood atmosphere, whilst benefiting from the ecological beauty of the area and the beach, which is in harmony with the atmosphere in this stunning spot with its coastline from Quriyat to Sur,” he mentioned.

He mentioned it is a important project that will boost domestic tourism in the sultanate, which is expanding swiftly, exactly where the neighborhood tourism is essential, as the statistics mentioned that the domestic tourism is 70 per cent.

During the pay a visit to an agreement was signed in between the resort and the operators of the hotel.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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