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Debited for a transaction you haven’t done? Call the bank

Debited for a transaction you haven’t done? Call the bank

Malcolm D’Souza, a private sector employee, elaborating on his expertise lately, stated, “I lately received a series of messages from the bank early in the morning which showed tiny amounts of cash withdrawn from my account.

“I immediately contacted the call centre to find out more and block the card. The call centre executive told me that RO72 had been debited as part of a series of transactions during the wee hours of morning. I told them that I had not made any such transactions. The customer care official then told me that the money has not been released but blocked.”

D’Souza is nonetheless waiting to hear from the bank and hoping to get his cash back. “After blocking my card through the call centre, I went to the bank and got a new debit card.”

He added, “The e-mail alerts for these fraud transactions show the spot as Luxembourg and the US. The banks as well are carrying out their job to safeguard clients cash.


“I got an email from my bank’s fraud monitoring team which said they saw some fraud transactions in my account and hence have blocked the card temporarily.”

Being alert and rapid action are the important to combating such frauds, stated Muscat resident, Binaki Hazare.

He was fortunate that his bank helped thwart a fraudulent credit card transaction, warning him in time.

“I got a call from my bank enquiring whether I had made a transaction worth over RO400 in Paris. I was in Muscat and hadn’t travelled to France, so it was out of question. The bank told me that a transaction attempt was made in Paris. To protect my card I was told to block it immediately, which I did.”

The Central Bank of Oman (CBO) has also released an advisory urging individuals to conduct transactions only on secure platforms and not to share account particulars on-line unless positive of the credentials.

Banking frauds are widespread worldwide and numerous incidents are becoming reported in Oman as well.

An official from a single of the nearby banks told Muscat Daily that a couple of instances have been reported. “People ought to report instantly as soon as they see any transaction not initiated by them. “If the bank detects fraud, some amounts are blocked and they are returned following some time as soon as the complaint is filed.

If it [the amount] is deducted, then the complaints are sent to our partners internationally to verify on the fraud,” the official stated.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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