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Dates hit the markets in Oman; busoor collection from Sept

Dates hit the markets in Oman; busoor collection from Sept

Tabseel is the season related with primarily 1 sort of date assortment known as ‘Al Mabsali’. Al Mabsali is cooked just before it ripens when it is yellow in colour, and is known as Busoor. Busoor will be collected at the warehouses from September 12, 2019 to February 7, 2020.



The Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) has stated that it is continuing to get Busoor each year in the ministry’s warehouses in Wadi Kabir from numerous governorates of the sultanate. It also offers help to farmers involved in cultivation of dates.
It also gives subsidies for farmers who export Busoor. The subsidies are provided to encourage date cultivating farmers to discover option and new markets.


The ministry will open bids for the sale of this year’s crop to give nearby organizations the chance to purchase the crop and industry it locally and abroad.
MoCI has produced some amendments to the tender handling procedure, Busoor processing and sale bid this year in order to minimize loss, compared to prior years.

MoCI received two,475,331 tonnes of dates, such as Al Mabsali, Al Madlouki and Abu Naranja till February 7, 2019 from 544 suppliers.
These dates have been worth RO878,450. In 2018, 311,300 tonnes of dates worth RO19,456 have been exported straight by the farmers.

The ministry calls on farmers to spend interest to the high quality of the solution that is supplied to it or when straight exporting to foreign markets.
It has asked farmers to make certain that the dates are clean and purified to sustain the reputation of the nation and to be in a position to compete in the nearby and foreign markets.

MoCI affirms that farmers ought to strive to boost the export of their items from Busoor for this year and the coming years in their personal way.
It has also assured farmers who export Busoor a subsidy of RO62.five per ton. MoCI stated it will function to finance cultivation of some date palm trees such as Al Madlouki and Abu Naranja.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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