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Danish firm appointed to achieve energy efficiency in government buildings

Danish firm appointed to accomplish power efficiency in government buildings

The organization will help in establishing a operating model and roll-out programme for Energy Services Companies (ESCOs) to carry out auditing and retrofitting for government buildings falling below the Cost Reflective Tariffs.

Qais bin Saud al Zakwani, executive director and member, AER, stated, “We are delighted to appoint Danish Energy Management which brings along a wealth of experience and expertise in the energy efficiency field and have vast experiences in delivering technical assistance and capacity development services worldwide.”

Zakwani stated this audit falls inside the Yaseer initiative launched lately by AER for power efficiency. “The aim of the auditing and retrofitting programme is to enable government institutions to achieve sustained reductions in their overall energy consumption by utilising the innovative solutions provided by specialised energy services companies. ESCOs have long-served government markets internationally as they work to ensure improved building performance, access to expertise, installation of new more efficient equipment and training of building staff with little to no upfront costs; and with the inherent risks being managed by the ESCOs.”

The rollout is anticipated to be carried out more than a number of phases with each and every phase commencing with tendering to service a certain quantity of government buildings and ending with awarding of the tender for auditing and retrofitting of the identified government buildings to an ESCO.

The very first phase of the roll-out will commence in 2019 and is anticipated to cover in the variety of 50-100 government entities/buildings contracting with international ESCOs. These international ESCOs will also be needed to improve the capabilities of Omani Certified Energy Auditors to undertake the perform and market employability via the provide of information and expertise to match existing and future demand in the industry.

Zakwani added, “The programme is expected to cover up to 70 per cent of government buildings falling under CRT over the coming five years.”

The power efficiency programme was necessitated as it was discovered in AER audits that majority of Omani government buildings have been not power effective.

Feedback received from developing facility managers more than the course of prior developing audits was that it was tough to handle power demand in government buildings, and stress to minimize power use in these buildings had improved given that the implementation of Cost Reflective Tariffs.

The power audits of government buildings had also discovered that consumption in the course of weekends was equivalent to weekdays.

It additional had revealed that on a handful of weekdays, gear and appliances have been left operating resulting in electrical energy consumption outdoors the operating hours.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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