Sunday, 2 Apr 2023
Cybersecurity index: Oman second in Arab region

Cybersecurity index: Oman second in Arab area

It was issued by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and published on its site.

The sultanate scored 868 points and ranked 16th in the globe in the index that contains 175 nations right after the UK, the US, France, Lithuania, Estonia, Singapore, Spain, Malaysia, Canada, Norway, Australia and Luxembourg.

The sultanate is also amongst the leading 3 Arab nations in the Gulf area along with Saudi Arabia and Qatar in the globe rankings. The sultanate got higher score in legal and capacity creating pillars, the report mentioned, pointing out that the sultanate has a powerful regulatory structure, which includes a higher-level method for cybersecurity, a master and complete program and a road map.

It added that the sultanate has established a framework for eGovernment perform, which is a set of internationally greatest practices and method management systems to boost the delivery of government solutions in line with the mission of eGovernment.

It is connected to the guidelines and procedures by which governmental IT projects and systems are assured to be sustainable and aligned with ITA techniques and objectives and offer assurance about the worth of IT projects and IT danger management.

The report mentioned that the sultanate has shown good measures on the ecosystem wellness, recognized as ‘Green Cyber’ for the national details infrastructure sectors, which aims to boost communication and response to incidents and capabilities of the participating teams and to make sure a continuous collective work to mitigate the cyberthreats amongst the Cyber Incidents Response Teams (CIRTs) in the Arab area.

The sultanate scored .187 in the cybersecurity measure, .184 points in the technical measure, .197 in the organisational measure, .195 in the capacity creating measure and .160 in the cooperation index.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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