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Culinary delights await visitors at Amerat Park

Culinary delights await guests at Amerat Park

Managed by young Omani boys, the brightly lit and decorated meals trucks sell affordably priced tasty bites drawing crowds in big numbers outdoors the festival venue.

Ahmed al Kharusi, owner of 1 of the meals trucks, stated, “Business is good here. I do not know if we’d have as many customers if were inside the park. People pick up their choice of food here either on their way to the festival or when they’re leaving. Our food is more affordable than that in the festival venue stalls.”

According to Mohammed, an additional meals truck owner, he cannot afford the charge necessary to place up a stall on the festival premises. “It’s a big amount. We are doing good business here. People are happy buying food from here. We sell mishkak, burgers, corn, cold drinks etc. So if you didn’t buy food from stalls in the festival venue and are hungry while going back, you can drop in at our stall. Many have carried home dinner from our trucks,” he stated.

A consumer at 1 of the meals trucks felt hunger pangs right after leaving the venue. “If we had to go back, we would have to shell out a few more rials to re-enter and eat, besides spending more time returning. So we opted for a food truck. The burgers are tastier and reasonably priced. So we packed dinner for the whole family. The burger patty is homemade; so it’s safe,” he stated.

The meals trucks open as evening sets in. “We bring the uncooked food and cooking equipment from home to the stall and by 6pm, we are ready to sell. It takes time to set up the stall before we can start selling. The gas stove and the decorations need to be done properly, besides maintaining cleanliness and hygiene levels as required by the authorities for licensed food trucks like ours,” stated an additional meals truck operator in the service road.
And although the festival gates close at 11pm, the meals trucks continue to get consumers even right after. “Nobody goes way disappointed from our trucks,” stated 1 meals seller.

Interestingly, meals trucks are becoming a familiar sight in numerous components of the city, particularly close to beaches and parks drawing street meals enthusiasts.

Jamal, owner of a meals truck outdoors Amerat Park, stated he does not preserve count of the quantity of his consumers. “We are on our toes once we open every evening. I am happy selling here as I do not have to pay any rent or extra money to set up a stall in the festival site. Many people meet here and chat for hours while enjoying the food. ِAnd the best part for them is the fact that the food is prepared quickly even as they look on. So they know what they are eating.”

Festival visitor Ishaam stated the meals feels like it is homemade. “It’s cheaper too. We can sit in our car and enjoy it. What more do we need?”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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