Thursday, 23 Mar 2023
Cool days over; temperature to rise in next two days

Cool days more than temperature to rise in subsequent two days

On Sunday morning, some components of Muscat have been cloudy. The worldwide typical temperature rise for Oman in 2019 is forecast to be .37°C more than the typical. “The year 2019 will be warmer as per global average temperatures. The current cool weather is only for few days and temperature is likely to go back to normal in the next two days,” Dr Humaid al Badi, director of study and improvement at the Directorate General of Meteorology, told Muscat Daily.

He stated that the typical temperature for March is 29.5°C. “The temperature on Sunday is below average at 27.6°C but will gradually go back to normal. The average temperature for March is 29.5°C,” Dr Badi stated.

According to climate records, Oman was cooler final year than at any time in the previous 5 years, and Muscat’s typical temperature more than the final 5 years dropped by a degree. “However, this year, it will not be the case. The current cool weather is just due to the winds,” Dr Badi stated.

On Monday, the sultanate will mostly see clear skies more than most components with likelihood of dust winds more than open places of governorates throughout afternoon. Tuesday also will see mostly clear skies more than most components with probabilities of late evening to early morning low level clouds or fog more than components of South Sharqiyah governorate.

Dr Badi stated, cool climate will prevail till mid-April with the typical temperature getting 35°C. “In May, the average temperature will be 39°C to 40°C. This means we still have one and a half months of cooler weather before peak summer sets in.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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