Friday, 31 Mar 2023
Controversial Arabic book taken off Muscat fair

Controversial Arabic book taken off Muscat fair

The selection was taken right after social media customers erupted in anger. Social media user, M M, mentioned, “Oman has a civilisation and will not be affected by this. But who is responsible? How did this happen in this book fair?”

“This is impossible. This cannot be a typographical error,” yet another user mentioned.

Yousef bin Ibrahim al Balushi, director of Muscat International Book Fair Committee, told Muscat Daily
 that the book is not obtainable any a lot more. “All copies were removed as soon as we came to know about it because of the unacceptable and serious error. We have written to the publisher to present the case,” he mentioned. “The book has a GCC map. But instead of the Sultanate of Oman, it shows another country at the same spot.”

The book fair committee (a copy of the letter is with Muscat Daily
) has asked the publisher Dar al Shorouq to withdraw the title from globe more than. “We draw attention to the importance of ensuring the inclusion of the map approved by the official authority in the sultanate.”

The committee stated that it will not accept any justification for this severe error. “We have asked the publisher to recall the book and make necessary changes. The publisher needs to submit an undertaking documented by the Arab Publishers Union and the Egyptian Publishers Union.”

Balushi mentioned that the publisher need to apologise to the committee. “If Dar al Shorouq does not respond to our letter by Thursday, February 28, action will be taken starting with the exclusion of the publisher from the current Muscat fair and the next sessions.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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