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Constant tyre check must to keep accidents at bay

Constant tyre check must to keep accidents at bay

“Drivers should check the condition of tyres, before embarking on long journeys. Checking the validity of vehicle tyres before travelling is a must to avoid accidents. People need to be careful for their own safety and of other road users,” an ROP official stated.

The quantity of road accidents increases throughout the summers, stated the official and therefore it is crucial to check how old your tyre is.

“The age of a tyre is written on the sidewall of the tyre. It is called the DOT code. For example, if a tyre has 1418 written on it, it means it was manufactured in the 14th calendar week of the year 2018.”

According to National Centre for Statistics and Information (NCSI), the quantity of accidents reported in June 2019 stood at 210, compared to 180 in May and 163 in April.

The quantity of accidents associated to tyre bursts is unavailable, but specialists say it is a purpose for numerous accidents and so picking the proper size is crucial.

“The size of the tyre must correspond to the vehicle because driving a vehicle with a tyre not corresponding to its specification can causes rapid erosion. The driver may loose control of the vehicle while driving. A customer should ensure that he purchases good quality and correct size tyres,” the ROP official stated.

Another crucial aspect of tyre security is sustaining the advised stress at all instances. Experts say driving at higher speed and braking continuously with tyres that have significantly less stress or a lot more can also harm the tyres. Excessive load on tyres below intense temperatures can also trigger harm.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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