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Coconuts: A boon for Dhofar governorate

Coconuts: A boon for Dhofar governorate

As per the agricultural census of 2012-13, there had been about 150,000 coconut palm trees on 1,455 acres, apart from the ones in public parks and private homes. The annual production of coconuts is about 7,000 tonnes.

The coconut create is only second to banana in Salalah. The trees are planted in the plains of Salalah and Taqah. Salalah’s streets and tourist websites are typically adorned with palm trees. Coconut is employed in the production of oil, butter, confectioneries, cosmetics (soap, shampoo, ointments and beauty creams).

Coconut husk, frond and timber are employed in production of ropes, mats, and beds, in addition to cleaning supplies, wood and furnishings. It is also employed as fodder.

There are about 200 genera and about 1,500 species of coconut trees.

A complete-grown palm tree can be in between 25 and 60 feet or much more based on the selection. A tree produces, on an typical, 12 bunches per year.

Among other elements, a rainfall of 1,300-two,300mm is conducive for the development of coconut. It has been discovered that the palms that develop at the foothills that get a steady provide of rainwater develop nicely. The palms want continuous provide of water, specifically in dry seasons. The Governorate of Dhofar is also recognized for handicraft created of coconut husk. A centre affiliated to the Public Authority for Craft Industries in the wilayat of Rakhiout gives aid to such artisans.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries is also attempting to create the agriculture of coconut palm trees by expanding their genetic base and importing new varieties from Sri Lanka. These trees are recognized for their higher yield and comparatively brief size, which tends to make the collection and pest handle simpler.

Within the framework of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries’ interest in building coconut plantation, the ministry imported 11 varieties of coconut trees from Ivory Coast in 2010. They are also recognized for their higher yield.

As per the Agricultural Research Centre in Salalah, they proved effective and adapted nicely to the climate of the governorate.

The ministry is implementing an ambitious project to plant 50,000 coconut saplings more than 5 years.

The project began on October 31, 2017. Some 10,000 saplings have currently been distributed amongst farmers, citizens and government institutions. The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries hopes to continue the project till the target is accomplished.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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