Friday, 31 Mar 2023
Car shades can now be fixed just outside boundary walls

Car shades can now be fixed just outdoors boundary walls

“There have been some amendments to the decision. Last year, the decision made it mandatory for the shade to be 2m away from the wall. Now, that article has been removed and the shade can now be fixed just outside the boundary wall,” a Muscat Municipality official told Muscat Daily.

The other regulations nevertheless require to be abided by. Residents require to spend for setting up the shades. “Each parking space will cost RO60 (one-time payment). A plate shall be fixed at each parking lot with the municipal licence number. Those violating these regulations will be fined RO100 and will have to adhere to the decision of the municipality within the stipulated period. “Anyone who fails to meet these requirements during the said period will be fined RO10 for each day of delay.”

The new selection to enable fixing the shade correct following the wall is a welcome move by numerous who stated they will now have adequate space to do so. “Earlier, we were only allowed to fix the shade if we left 2m. Most of the plots are near the road around 5m and if we leave 2m, then we have no space to fix the shades. I am glad they have removed that regulation,” Salim al Tauqi, an Amerat resident stated.

A Seeb resident stated the selection was logical. “It did not make sense for me to erect the shade by leaving 2m away after the wall. First of all, it does not look good and secondly, it is dangerous to erect it so close to the road. With this amendment we have enough space,” stated Saleh Sultan. The selection also stipulates establishment of not a lot more than 4 parking slots for each and every developing which equals 50 per cent of the length of external wall. Article four of the identical regulation states that the installation of the shades ought to take into account the needs and styles adopted by the municipality.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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