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Buying and selling online? Beware, you can walk into a trap

Buying and selling online? Beware, you can walk into a trap

These platforms, supplying acquire and sell solutions for issues ranging from household things to vehicles, are utilized not only by potential purchasers and sellers but also by conmen who appear to make some simple money. They make endless telephone calls and send out enticing emails to lure individuals.

Govind, a resident of Ghubra, wanted to sell his furnishings that was virtually a year old. He opted for a well-known site and posted his ad with the cost and some pictures.

Govind stated, “I have been selling and buying things online for years but this is the first time where I encountered such a nuisance. As soon as I posted the ad, I got an SMS enquiring if the furniture was still on sale and I was requested to reply to an email ID provided in the message. I did, and following that emails were exchanged between us during which time he asked my details like home address, with street and house numbers. Then he said that he was on a ship and won’t be able to come but his assistant would come and collect the goods. He asked me to send him my bank account details so that he could immediately make the payment and he added that he would be instructing a shipping agent to collect the goods from my address.”

Govind added that such weird requests created him suspicious and he didn’t reply to the emails.

“However, I am anxious that the scammer now has my contact details like phone number, e-mail ID and home address, and if this information could be used to hack into my phone or email or blackmailing me.”

A equivalent case was also noted by a Ruwi businessman Irfan Khan who runs a watch shop. He stated, “I wanted to sell my old laptop for a decent cost. I got a response exactly where a individual contacted me via WhatsApp. The telephone quantity was not a nearby quantity. He persuaded me to send my bank specifics which I did and he sent me RO10. He stated he would send me the balance later following I hand more than the laptop to a make contact with.

“After a few days a man came to my shop asking for the laptop and said that his friend would pay the balance immediately. He was polite and well dressed but I smelt a rat. I gave back the RO10.”

If sellers are beneath threat, so are purchasers. There are situations when individuals take issues at face worth and spend cash with out even verifying the goods.

One such purchaser stated, “I wanted to buy a mobile phone and paid the money, but when I received the phone the battery was dead and the screen was broken.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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