Saturday, 25 Mar 2023
Buraimi mountain beckons; over 300 register for hike

Buraimi mountain beckons more than 300 register for hike

Speaking to Muscat Daily, Said al Maqbali, a member of the team primarily based in Buraimi mentioned, “We have been thinking about these events to promote geological tourism and explore mountains and sports. “The 10km hike will begin on March 30 (Saturday) at 7am from Buraimi public park and finish at the Hay al Nafahat Mountain.”

He added the occasion seeks to highlight the distinctive geological beauty. “Many people do not know that the area was covered under sea. There are fossilised oysters dating back millions of years in this area. We also discovered around nine months ago a dinosaur’s teeth that dates back millions of years.”

Talking about the programmes scheduled to be held as element of the occasion, Maqbali mentioned, “We have currently registered about 350 folks. We anticipate a lot more registrations in the coming days.

“The programme will include popular songs and Omani folklore. We will distribute about 24 prizes to participants. The prizes will include gifts such as restaurant vouchers, mountain sticks and home appliances (clothes iron, crockery etc).”

He mentioned that they are cooperating with the ROP and the Ministry of Health to supply security and health-related help to participants as there are youngsters and females participating in this occasion. “We have organised more than 13 hiking trips in Buraimi and Sohar to promote domestic tourism to attract thousands of tourists and residents to enjoy the natural landscape in Oman.”

Registrations for the occasion can be carried out by means of 99890877.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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