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Breaking a taboo: An all-Omani barber shop

Breaking a taboo: An all-Omani barber shop

Led by Qais al Kindi, Ques Barber Shop in Al Hail, Seeb is a loved ones-run enterprise.

Kindi stated, “The movie is my inspiration. It revolves around social life at a barbershop in Chicago, US. After watching the movie, I realised this is what I want to do. I thought it was a great idea to break the taboo of working as a barber in Oman.”

Kindi stated that it took a although for him to discover the fine art of hair trimming, shaving, facial remedy or head massage prior to he ultimately decided to begin the enterprise. “I learnt the tricks of the trade. Once I was confident enough, I decided to set up a salon with the support of my brothers and sister. My biggest support has been my sister, who runs a women’s salon.”

Kindi did a bit of analysis and discovered that this was his opportunity to turn out to be the only Omani to run a barber shop. “Omanis used to be barbers in the 1970s. It is no shame to be a barber. Today, I and my other team member, Shaikhan al Yaarubi, are the only Omani barbers.”

He stated that he is in the procedure of instruction other youths to do the exact same. “I am overwhelmed by the support of my family and friends and the business is doing well. In future, we plan to shift to a bigger place and open branches as well. If Omanis are willing to learn, I am ready to support them.”

On what tends to make his barber shop distinct from other people, Kindi stated, “First of all, it is run by Omanis. Our shop is a great location to hang out like it is in the Ice Cube, Cedric the Entertainer and Anthony Anderson-starrer Barbershop
film. Customers can sit and socialise, or watch matches on a Television or just meet up with pals. It’s a melting pot for distinct cultures.”

About the prices, Kindi stated, “The rates are reasonable. For example, a beard shave or trim is RO1.5 and haircut ranges from RO2-2.5 depending on the type. All the equipment I use are from the US. The grooming products that we use are organic and prepared by my sister.”

Kindi’s companion Shaikhan al Yaarubi, who is a certified barber with 5-year encounter in the UK, stated, “This is my passion. I love doing this job. Hair trimming or cutting is an art. It is a profession that can’t be undermined. There is no shame in doing this work. There are many capable Omanis and I am sure they can do this work as well.”

Yaarubi added that Ques Barber Shop is no ordinary shop but rather a location to discover and earn. “Omanis have a lot of talent. They just need grooming.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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