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Best environmental practices at heart of Al Mouj decisions

Best environmental practices at heart of Al Mouj decisions

Muscat – 

Al Mouj Muscat, Oman’s life-style and leisure location, is proving that an environmentally friendly strategy, as advocated in the Oman 2040 Vision, can provide lengthy-term rewards as it increases competitiveness in the industry, stimulates innovation and most importantly reduces unfavorable stress on our atmosphere.  

According to Nasser bin Masoud al Sheibani, CEO of Al Mouj Muscat, the adoption of eco-friendly practices is a crucial pillar in Al Mouj Muscat’s method to construct a expense-efficient, sustainable neighborhood and grow to be a globe-class tourist location.

He explains, “Our considerable efforts to conserve the biodiversity in our residential developments, golf course and marina have helped garner international interest and interest from the tourism sector, and are also in line with Oman’s personal sustainability strategic path.

“Al Mouj Muscat’s commitment to preserving the environment was recently highlighted in our participation in the G-Cubes global clean-ocean initiative, but has always been clearly evident in our construction practices, constant conservation efforts covering land and sea, and certifications from international environmental bodies.”

The G-Cubes – or Garbage Cubes – initiative is component of a international environmental initiative exactly where ocean waste is compressed into 10cm2 cubes, held collectively with resin. These cubes can be utilized for artistic and other projects, which are then displayed to raise awareness or sold to raise funds for ecological causes. Al Mouj Muscat got the neighborhood neighborhood involved by asking residents to gather and document ocean waste, and the compressed blocks have been on show at the Marsa Plaza.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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