Wednesday, 29 Mar 2023
Bank Muscat’s presence at festival livens it up

Bank Muscat’s presence at festival livens it up

In step with its vision ‘To serve you better, everyday’ and commitment to companion in events of national value, the bank has extended important assistance to Muscat Festival, which runs till February 9.

Facilitating banking comfort for the huge turnout of guests, the bank has installed ATMs, such as mobile ATMs, at the festival venues. Ever given that the launch of Muscat Festival, Bank Muscat has been a robust companion and remains committed to making certain the good results of the most celebrated annual tourism and cultural occasion in Oman. The bank aims to fulfil its commitment to national initiatives, uniting citizens and residents in sharing the excellent occasions and discovering the joy of becoming connected. The Muscat Festival partnership is an earnest try by the bank to propagate the core family members values held dear by Omanis.

Bank Muscat’s presence at the festival highlights its part in facilitating the exchange of traditions and culture among nations. The bank attaches value to preservation of Oman’s wealthy heritage and culture, aimed at familiarising individuals, specifically the youth and youngsters, with the country’s glorious legacy. The ethos of national events like Muscat Festival runs parallel to the stated objective of the bank in serving the nation as the banking companion of option. While the festival showcases varied expressions of Omani heritage and culture, the bank utilises the occasion to assist individuals comprehend, appreciate and preserve Oman’s wealthy legacy. The participation of Bank Muscat complements in creating the festival a memorable expertise.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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