Friday, 31 Mar 2023
Bahraini author discusses his book on Gandhi and Islam

Bahraini author discusses his book on Gandhi and Islam

The 260-web page book talks about the several journeys of Gandhi, his philosophy on non-violence and his higher regard for Prophet Mohammed.

Speaking at the speak, Shula mentioned, “I was in India in 1969 when the country was celebrating 100 years of Gandhi’s birth. I landed in Mumbai and saw the diversity of the huge country which made me fall in love with both India and Gandhi. As I learnt more about his struggles and journeys in South Africa and India, his life inspired me. It was really astonishing to think how he brought about harmony in such a diverse society. I also admire his commitment to earn independence from the British through non-violence.”

He added, “Being born in the 1940s and seeing the height of Arab-Israel conflict, I think my generation was inspired and impressed by this man. He made us believe that peace can be achieved without conflict or resorting to violence.”

Shula added that Gandhi taught mankind to accept variations and showed coexistence is feasible which is certainly a huge lesson for the Arab planet.

“Gandhi vehemently rejected the Balfour Declaration of the British depriving Palestinians the right to their land. It was a big challenge for Gandhi as the independence of India was very much dependent on the British. However, he stood his ground.”

During the speak, the writer also spoke about the present Indian government, Kashmir, Israel, India’s robust connection with the GCC and Gandhi’s contribution in opposing the South African apartheid method.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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