Saturday, 28 May 2022
Awasr joins hands with Lunar Cinemas

Awasr joins hands with Lunar Cinemas

Visitors to Naseem Gardens knowledgeable the outside cinema. To cater to the wide variety of Omani film-goers, cinemas had been screened in Arabic, English, Hindi, and Tamil. The outside cinema was played on a 15m screen with Dolby Sound System.

As significantly as Awasr wanted to be element of the celebration of Muscat Festival, it also wanted to establish its presence in the industry by means of its digital items and solutions. In addition, as Oman’s initial specialised broadband Internet Service Provider, Awasr has currently earned a developing recognition amongst cinema fans for offering seamless on the internet film streaming expertise.

“The Muscat Festival which was organised under the name ‘Unity and Joy’ is one of the most enjoyable family events in the sultanate every year and a tourist attraction. Visitors got a peek into the Omani way of living and the connection of Omani people with their cultural and historical identity,” mentioned Issam al Ismaili, head of industrial of Awasr.

“Since we believe in delivering inspired and innovative ideas, we wanted to do something never done before and yet offer entertainment for the whole family. And that’s where Lunar Cinemas came in,” he added.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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