Thursday, 23 Mar 2023

Around 3,800 school students to benefit from first 3D mobile lab – Oman

The principal objective of this project is to teach and inspire school students from across Oman and give them access to such technologies. This chance will serve as a platform for the students to make mini projects by means of the mobile lab. The mobile lab will also go to universities, exhibitions, museums and even malls and parks.

InnoTech, in collaboration with BP Oman’s Social Investment Programme, announced the launch of the lab in a ceremony lately. The lab was unveiled below the patronage of Sheikh Dr Al Khattab bin Ghalib al Hinai, deputy chairman of the State Council.

“FabTech Mobile Lab is a fully-kitted fabrication workshop, which gives our youth the capability to turn their ideas and concepts into reality. Our mission is to facilitate hands-on experience and invention of new ideas as well as technologies while utilising problem-solving skills, creativity and imagination in a team environment,” mentioned Eng Othman al Mandhari, founder and CEO, InnoTech.

Furthermore, the initiative will develop two direct jobs a single for a driver and yet another for a teacher. It will also supply two-month extended six internship possibilities annually for 3 years.

The project will concentrate on 3D fabrication, and intents to nurture abilities and understanding in 3D designing. The principal objective of the initiative is to market manufacturing and the fourth Industrial Revolution technologies, such as programming and 3D printing in Oman. Delivering workshops in numerous education institutions will attain this objective.

“The energy future needs a steady stream of talented people with a strong foundation in science, technology, engineering and math who will continue to drive progress and innovation, as well as solving challenges the society might face in years to come. Therefore, BP Oman will continue investing in initiatives such a FabTech Mobile Lab to build a pool of talent that pushes innovation and social progress,” mentioned Shamsa al Rawahi, social investment manager BP Oman.

FabTech Mobile Lab is a transportable lab that can journey by means of the sultanate and go to numerous schools to provide workshops making use of 3D printers.

The ceremony was attended by senior representatives of BP Oman, as effectively as numerous public and private sector officials.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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