Saturday, 25 Mar 2023
Around 2,000 unauthorised telecom equipment seized
Around 2,000 unauthorised telecom equipment seized

Around 2,000 unauthorised telecom equipment seized

The inspections had been also performed to ascertain the adherence of these organizations to the Telecommunications Regulatory Act and the regulations and choices implementing its provisions.

The inspection team, which consists of judicial officers from the TRA, confiscated about two,000 telecom devices that had been not kind-authorized. Accordingly, the essential inspection and seizure reports had been issued to the offenders. The inspection team also drew the focus of these organizations to comply with the Telecommunications Regulatory Act, and the choices implementing its provisions. It has also stressed on the require for sellers to get kind-approval certificate prior to dealing in such equipment.

TRA is keen to kind-approve all the equipment getting dealt in the telecom sector to make sure top quality and efficiency, and minimise customer and network operator concerns due to equipment incompatibility with the telecom networks in the sultanate such as frequency and network interference, and achievable well being and environmental effects.

Therefore, all telecommunications equipment dealers are necessary to get the approvals necessary to deal in telecommunications equipment.

TRA urges public to instantly report these varieties of violations on 80000000.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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