Monday, 20 Mar 2023
Arab ballet The Ring Dove Story to be presented at ROHM for two days

Arab ballet The Ring Dove Story to be presented at ROHM for two days

Inspired by a tale in the age-old book of fables, Kalila and Dimna, Hrant Minas Keshishian has developed a charming ballet about the adventures of a dove queen and her buddies.

The ballet has an endearing cast of characters such as: a crow a flock of doves and their queen, the ring dove a mouse a tortoise and a gazelle. One by 1, the characters grow to be buddies, and with every new pal a charming dance is performed.

When the doves are caught in a hunter’s net, the dove queen entreats them to make a herculean work to raise the net in flight. In a determined work, the doves handle to lift the net and the mouse chews the net and frees the doves.

The huntsman continues to track them, but his traps are foiled and the buddies are saved. Finally, the hunter is defeated and the 5 buddies carry out the most great dance of all: The joyous Dance of Friendship.

The ballet is performed by Dynamics Production Company to reside orchestral music in this planet premiere of the world’s very first Arab ballet, directed by visionary director Ahmed el Sayed Abou Moussa, with enchanting choreography by Sally Ahmed.

On Friday, the ballet will commence at 7.30pm and 4pm on Saturday.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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