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An unplanned road trip from Perth to Melbourne

An unplanned road trip from Perth to Melbourne

Four Omani students in Australia gave wing to their dream by embarking on an unplanned road trip from Perth to Melbourne covering eight,000km (four,971 miles) more than nine days not too long ago. “I spent almost nine days on the road between Perth and Melbourne with my three friends Abdullah Alhashmi, Amjad Alghafri and Wail Alrubaiai. This was the best experience ever for us because it was the longest road trip, I have ever had in my life,” Ahmed al Zakwani, a single of the students, told Muscat Daily

He mentioned that the group began their journey from Perth on June 24 at 7pm (neighborhood time). “After driving a lot more than 12 hours from Perth, our very first halt was at the breathtaking Great Australian Bight. One of the most incredible marine environments on the planet, the wild and unpolluted bay is residence to whales, sea lions, and sharks. We enjoyed the gorgeous white limestone cliffs and turquoise blue ocean along the Great Australian Bight.

“After spending a few hours there just relaxing and taking in this beautiful view with breakfast, we immediately decided to drive straight to Adelaide. We spent two days there.”

Zakwani mentioned they hit the road quickly right after. “We spent eight and a half hours on road to Adelaide and reached the bustling city of Melbourne at around 10pm on June 27, 2019. We spent four days there. On the first of July, we returned to Perth.”

Explaining the thrill of undertaking such trips, he mentioned, “Many people don’t realise how unique and beautiful the road from Perth to Melbourne is. The road trip is one of the most beautiful stretches. The 4,000 miles open road between Perth and Melbourne is nothing short of an epic. It has some of the best places to stay and sights that one cannot afford to miss. I do not recommend driving at night as it is very difficult to spot wildlife on the road.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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