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An ancient sweet: Omani honey a food accompaniment and a medicine

An ancient sweet: Omani honey a food accompaniment and a medicine

Collecting honey is a profession that Omanis have practised because ancient instances prior to it became recognized as a craft of interest to government institutions concerned with agriculture. Those interested in collecting honey from farmers and beekeepers are supported with particular tools and coaching on beekeeping to create honey for industrial purposes.

Omani honey has numerous kinds, the most renowned getting locally referred to as Al Baram, which is 1 of the finest varieties. There is also Al Sidr. Honey is collected all through the year, but the very best varieties are these that are created in the course of the period from March till the finish of May as bees suck nectar from flowers particularly from Acacia tortilis trees, which bloom in the course of the period.

The colour of honey is generally closer to black Al Sidr has a light brown colour. There are a number of kinds of honeybees. Abu Touq or Tuwaiq is tiny in size. Al Farsi is bigger and gives much more honey.

Searching for honey is completed by observing the bees that come to the water, particularly early morning. The honey collectors or beekeepers monitor the bees either by the naked eye or via the use of binoculars and decide the path the bees fly. Then they start the search for hives regardless of whether in the mountains, caves or in some mountain trees or farms, palm groves and other trees.

After the beehive is situated, the knowledgeable beekeeper or collector can choose the quantity of honey present in the hive by its size. If the hive is big, he collects the honey straightaway, but if it is tiny, he waits for some time to do so.

Men and ladies alike and at times boys either in groups or individually are involved in the search for honey.

Some could travel for extended distances at instances in search of honey although other people do not exceed the boundaries of the location of residence, which includes valleys, plains and mountains or adjacent places. Prices of honey differ according to top quality and freshness. Market forces of provide and demand also play a component in figuring out the costs. Prices can variety from RO60 to attain much more than RO100.

Omanis like to see honey on the table when they partake of food, particularly on the days of holidays when they consume meat with honey, or in the meal recognized locally as Al Joula exactly where honey is a significant element.

Honey is also employed for therapeutic purposes. Locally recognized as Al Hoully, honey which is much more than a year old, is mentioned to be therapeutically advantageous.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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