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A letter is worth a lifetime of memories

A letter is worth a lifetime of memories

Fatima describes herself as a contemporary day postwoman who can create a adore letter, a poem, a birthday want, a message to a buddy or teacher and package it with photos and flowers. It can be delivered by Oman Post or even personally.

Her trademark envelopes with the ‘Here the messages have arrived from someone with love’ tagline tends to make it a should study for the recipient. “I strongly believe in the old method of sending messages. With technology and social media, the idea of sending a handwritten letter is dying. Today love messages are sent over social media. But everybody cherishes a handwritten love letter. I started in July last year and till date 300 letters have already been delivered within and outside the country.” Fatima employed to run a café just before beginning this venture. “One day I heard a speaker from Saudi who talked about the many chances we get in life. He said that ‘we should keep trying and there is no harm in trying with something small’. The idea of starting a business of ‘sending messages to people’ struck me then.”

Fatima did a rapid Google search and identified that none in Oman had began something of the sort. “While scanning social media I found many complaining that their mails never reached the recipients. That is when I created my ID, Will_Arrive on Instagram and Twitter. The ID itself promises that you will not be disappointed with my services. Through the word of mouth, the message spread and today the business is doing well.”

The personalised messages are printed on coloured papers as preferred by the consumer. “I also add a picture or a small poem, depending on the sender’s request. This letter is sent in an envelope or a glass tube that has flowers and Arabic letters made of wood.”

For delivery, she has tied up with Oman Post. She can also personally provide each and every Saturday. “I also have the alternative of obtaining the package collected from a flower shop from exactly where the recipient can gather it. The message can also be sent through social media.

“If I send the message in an envelope I attach a rose. I have printed a logo on my envelopes which say ‘Here the messages have arrived from someone with love’. People typically throw away envelopes but the tagline will compel them to retain it. Every letter is distinct. Along with other goods I add poems, taglines and photos primarily based on a client’s request. The flower may wither by the time it reaches the recipient in a foreign nation but words in it will be sufficient to retain its worth.

“Oman Post was impressed with the idea that my work was encouraging more people to use the traditional way of mailing. They signed a contract.”

“They [Oman Post] inform the recipients that the mail has arrived and where they would like to receive or collect them from. It does not mean that my job is over. I track the letter till it has reached the recipient,” stated Fatima.

She can be contacted by means of Instagram and Twitter.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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