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71% Omanisation in health institutions

71% Omanisation in health institutions

H E Dr Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Obaid al Sa’eedi, Minister of Health, mentioned, “The total number of employees in the ministry by the end of 2018 reached 39,220 at the Omanisation rate of 71 per cent.”

The percentage of Omanisation in the category of physicians reached 39 per cent. The Omanisation price amongst consultant physicians is 64 per cent, 26 per cent for specialists, 43 per cent for common practitioners and 82 per cent for dentists.

H E Dr Sa’eedi mentioned that 90 per cent of the pharmacists are Omani and assistant pharmacists have an Omanisation price of 75 per cent. The percentage of Omanisation in nursing was 62 per cent, 61 per cent in the category of health-related laboratory technicians and 62 per cent in the category of radiologists.

The ministry also mentioned that the typical expense of healthcare for each Omani is about RO300 per annum. H E Dr Sa’eedi mentioned, “In 2018, the total number of visits to outpatient clinics at the ministry-run institutions amounted to about 15.5mn and 95 percent of them were Omanis.”

The quantity of births in 2018 was 69,310. The expense of 1 regular delivery is RO180 whilst a caesarean process fees RO450. “The total cost amounted to more than RO16mn.”

In addition, Oman’s population increases by about 80,000  each year. As per capita health expenditure per Omani is RO300, the expense to meet this boost is RO24mn per year.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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