Friday, 31 Mar 2023
70 SMEs to participate in Sur al Hadid Beach Carnival

70 SMEs to participate in Sur al Hadid Beach Carnival

The very first-ever beach occasion in Oman will jointly be organised by Muscat Municipality, Ministry of Tourism and Oman Tourism Development Company (Omran), as element of an initiative to enhance domestic tourism in the nation and market what Oman has to provide to the neighborhood and guests.

The carnival to be organised by Muscat Eat, will host 70 SMEs, meals trucks and well-known brands with different meals products and refreshments. These will contain scrumptious Omani meals freshly produced by neighborhood house organizations from Seeb neighborhood. The outside marketplace will also function a choice of gifts, perfumes, jewelleries, and various products for households.

Children can also take pleasure in arts and crafts activities such as clay moulding and face painting, with each other with a series of fascinating outside games such as bouncy castle, pony riding, Jenga, balloon darts and educational workshops for youngsters to market sustainable atmosphere practices.

Local bands will entertain guests by playing contemporary and standard Omani music, whilst adventure enthusiasts can discover a thrilling variety of water sports such as jet skiing, banana boat riding and kayaking presented by Uniboats. A beach volleyball tournament will also be hosted by Al Seeb Club.

Eng Abdul Wahid al Farsi, director of Business Integration at Omran, the primary companion of the occasion and the head of the organising committee of Sur al Hadid Beach Carnival stated, “In order to create a fun-filled experience for the Omani community, we have come up with creative ways in organising various outdoor activities. From water sports, outdoor games, music and market, we make sure everyone in the family will have a favourite activity to choose during the three-day event.”

He added, “The beach carnival will not only strategically contribute to domestic tourism but will also set a healthy business environment for the SMEs in the country. This attracts many business opportunities that will significantly lead to a robust economy through Oman’s already burgeoning tourism industry.”

To make sure an all-rounded, handy expertise for guests, crucial supporters will also offer crucial neighborhood solutions.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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