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7 in 10 Oman professionals want to start business

7 in 10 Oman professionals want to start business

Moreover, 70 per cent are at present pondering of beginning a business, 18 per cent have attempted to start their personal business in the previous, although eight per cent by no means believed of beginning their personal business.

The survey identified that, if offered the selection, practically two-thirds (72 per cent) of Oman residents aspire to be self-employed/have their personal business. When asked about the causes for this preference, ‘personal fulfilment’ (43 per cent) and ‘freedom to choose work-life balance’ (50 per cent) emerged as the best causes. ‘Being my own boss’, ‘ability to give back to the community’ and ‘higher monetary gains’ had been also cited causes.

Those who have currently began their business look to have comparable reasoning. When asked about the causes Oman professionals have for beginning their personal business, the best 3 answers had been: a lot more earnings (33 per cent), wanting to do what they adore (27 per cent) and possessing a fantastic business concept/idea (25 per cent).

Of these who favor to seek employment in a organization, 52 per cent stated they favor employment to find out new abilities, 39 per cent favor it for stability of employment/job safety, although 35 per cent favor it to have a normal earnings, and 30 per cent state the principal purpose for their preference is lack of finances to start personal business.

“Understanding the views of entrepreneurs in the MENA region is essential to maximising impact and drive growth and innovation in the economy,” stated Omar Tahboub, common manager,

“Not only does conduct surveys annually and share our learning about the opportunities and challenges of entrepreneurship for the benefit of the sector, we also work closely with startups and new businesses to ensure their talent needs are secured easily and cost-effectively during these critical early stages.”


Entrepreneurial ecosystem

Entrepreneurship continues to be a expanding trend in MENA. Despite the usual challenges of setting up a business, the report indicates that entrepreneurship has grow to be a lot more well-liked than ever prior to. Many entrepreneurs are searching to develop their startups and establish business.

Over a third of respondents have private ambitions to develop their business additional in their nation of residence (35 per cent), followed by 23 per cent who aim to grow to be an crucial international player.

In truth, with development in thoughts, two in 3 respondents (64 per cent) are preparing to employ for their business in Oman inside the subsequent year.

The best concern of respondents although setting up their personal business, would be procuring finances to start (53 per cent), the uncertainty of profit/earnings (46 per cent). Likewise, amongst these who attempted to start a business in the previous, monetary-associated obstacles had been the principal challenge they faced.

The most attractive industries for entrepreneurship in Oman are regarded as to be commerce/ trade/ retail (ten per cent) followed by actual estate/ building/ house improvement (eight per cent) and tourism (eight per cent).

Data for the Entrepreneurship in the Middle East and North Africa 2019 was collected on-line from May 16 to 27, 2019. Results are primarily based on a sample of three,331 respondents.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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