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49 years of HM’s rule: Transforming Oman

49 years of HM’s rule: Transforming Oman

Muscat Daily
spoke to a handful of senior citizens and residents to comprehend how Oman has transformed more than the years and their views on the pace of the country’s improvement.

Majid Said al Suleimany, 72, who has 40-year encounter as HR manager, management consultant and advisor, praised the government for improvement function. “The youth ought to know about the hardships that we faced in the previous, so that they do not anticipate the government to do every thing for them.

“The youth of Oman need to be more tolerant and patient. They should approach work with full focus and need to adopt and adjust to the tough competition in the market. They should be aware of the resources and choices available to us.”

Recalling life in 1972, just two years right after the Renaissance, Suleimany mentioned, “In 1972, we have been staying close to the Kalbouh location in Muscat. We could not afford air conditioners and utilized to sleep on the roof at evening.

“When we finally got one, the whole family use to sleep in the room which had air conditioner. Now, we can afford to live in comfort. We are thankful to His Majesty the Sultan for being the pillar of our country’s development.”

Suleimany commended the function of expatriates in Oman’s improvement saying that Omani youth can find out a lot from them.

Although most of the expatriates of the early days following the Renaissance are no longer right here, these handful of who stayed back really feel that the nation has created a lot below the leadership of His Majesty the Sultan.

Dr Venkat Swami, 70, mentioned he is grateful to be nonetheless in Oman. “His Majesty the Sultan heads a country which respects all religions. I have trained more than 5,000 Omanis in accounting, management and costing and other areas. All my students are well placed in their careers. “During my 37 years in this peaceful country, I have seen rapid development in different areas. Life has very much changed for the better if you look at infrastructure, education, healthcare and other areas.”

For some, the country’s fast improvement is like realising your dreams coming accurate. “Life in Oman in the 1950s was very hard. Everything was so difficult, be it transportation, healthcare, getting water or electricity. Due to the poor infrastructure, I had to board a dhow to travel to East Africa along with my parents and my two brothers,” mentioned Saada al Najadi, 73, a native of Sur.

Saada mentioned that Oman began creating only in the seventies. “Now there is no better place than Oman if you look at the quality of living, education, healthcare services, roadworks among others. I remember travelling from Sur to Izz (somewhere in Sharqiyah) on a donkey. On our way, we ran out of water but today most of the people have a vehicle and most houses have water supply.” Obaid al Khalidi, 60, a retired government employee, hailed transport facilities and air connectivity in between Oman and other nations. “We can fly to any location in just a couple of hours.

“Though the Indian Ocean contributed to the growth of civilisations by being a trading channel, it was by no means easy. The hardships while sailing were just too much to bear. But now, we just fly and reach any destination within hours.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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