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27 unlicensed motorcycles seized in Dakhliyah

27 unlicensed motorcycles seized in Dakhliyah

According to the ROP, unlicensed bike accidents resulting in deaths have decreased significantly more than the years, nevertheless the underlying danger and severe violation of site visitors guidelines is a matter of concern. The ROP has urged motorcyclists and bicyclists to abide by site visitors laws. Statistics released by ROP show that unlicensed bike accidents resulting in deaths decreased by 24 per cent and injuries by 25 per cent in 2016 compared to 2015.

Experts say educational organisations and parents want to function with each other to realize the difficulties faced by youngsters.

Speaking to Muscat Daily, Rashid al Balushi, founder &amp basic manager of Motorcycles Learning Center, stated, “The youth drive unauthorised motorcycles with a capacity of 100 or 125cc. Unlicensed motorbikers are not just a threat to themselves but also to other road users as they are not aware of the rules and regulations. Most of these riders also do not wear helmets.” Some of the most typical injuries sustained by bikers are limb fractures and head or backbone injuries, added Balushi.

“In many cases, the person is left bedridden and traumatised for life. This also puts pressure on his family members who have to undergo not just emotional but physical and social stress.” Raising awareness amongst the kids is the duty of parents, stressed Balushi. “Parents should teach their children the basic principles of motorcycle riding. It is also the responsibility of institutions such as schools and universities to conduct safety and awareness drives among the youth and children.”

Ali al Barwani, a member of Oman Road Safety Association (ORSA) stated the use of unlicensed bikes is illegal. “Teenagers and youth especially in Nizwa ride unlicensed motorbikes and bicycles on streets and in densely populated areas without adhering to safety rules. They do so because of lack of awareness. We should conduct campaigns to encourage youth to abide by the law and make them aware of the dangers of riding unlicensed bikes.”

Parents must feel just before getting a bike for their kids, stated Barwani. “I wish we had more schools that taught motorcycle driving and traffic laws.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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