Saturday, 25 Mar 2023
18 children from Oman to take part in India’s Abacus events

18 children from Oman to take part in India’s Abacus events

The competitions will be categorised primarily based on age and level of understanding of the children. This guarantees that all participants get a fair and even platform to show their talent. Children get an chance to interact and compete with thousands of children from various components of the globe. In each competitors, children will be tested on different levels of memory, arithmetic excellence, speed, and so forth.

The children participating this year are Shree Saivarsha R, Hrithay Praveen, Indraneel Premjith, Hitharth P, Gautham Krishna, Mahadev Biju, Madhav Biju, Ruthvik Raju, Laiba K T, Dais Issac Panicker, Alby Dino, Charvi N M, Adwaith P A, Aarush Sandeep Rao, Aksa Susan Linto, Arjun Raj Puthiaraj, Ashmit Hari and Minnah Fathima.

“We were really happy to hear about this event, and we immediately registered. It is wonderful that the event is timed during the school holidays in Oman. So children get to travel to India and also make the holidays a productive time. It also helps children to see the larger network of Brainobrain and Abacus,” says Ashwathy Dino, a Brainobrain parent and teacher at Indian School Nizwa. Winners of every category will be awarded championship titles and certification, which will add general worth to their academic journey.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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