Saturday, 1 Apr 2023
13 rescued from flooded houses, wadis

13 rescued from flooded homes, wadis

The Public Authority for Civil Aviation (PACA) has mentioned that Izki in Dakhliyah recorded the highest rainfall at 52.6mm, followed by 52.2mm in Saiq and 46mm in Nizwa on Saturday.

As a outcome of heavy rainfall, a number of teams of the Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources are engaged in clean-up operations in wilayats such as Khasab, Liwa, Lima, Wadi al Ma’awel and Dhank.

Rescue operations

In the very first case, 4 citizens have been rescued by the Public Authority for Civil Defence and Ambulances (PACDA) teams following their homes got flooded in Amerat following heavy rainfall on Saturday. Civil defence teams also rescued an Asian in Musandam following he got stranded at a wadi in Dibba.

On Sunday, two Omani households have been rescued by PACDA teams and citizens following their autos got stuck in overflowing wadis. In the wilayat of Al Kamil W’Al Wafi, citizens rescued members of an Omani family members following their car got trapped in Wadi Siq although an additional family members was rescued by a PACDA team from a car stuck in Wadi al Sharqi in Ibra.

PACDA teams rescued two much more persons from their autos stuck in a wadi in Ibra, a citizen from his car trapped in Wadi al Ais in Musannah, South Batinah and an additional two persons although they attempted to cross a wadi in the wilayat of Dhank, Dhahirah. Another 3 persons have been rescued from their car stranded in Wadi Halfen in Adam.


ROP warning

The ROP has warned drivers against crossing overflowing wadis.

“Crossing an overflowing wadi can attract an imprisonment up to three months and a fine of RO500, or one of these, according to Article 49 of the Traffic Law,” mentioned an ROP official.

The official also urged drivers to be cautious although driving on wet roads to steer clear of skidding. “This is to ensure that they do not lose control of the vehicle.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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