Monday, 6 Feb 2023
Zubair SEC member company Qudra to offer exclusive Math Adventure Program in Oman

Zubair SEC member organization Qudra to provide exclusive Math Adventure Program in Oman

Zubair SEC has been the principal facilitator of this partnership agreement for Qudra, which provides capacity developing programmes.  

Through the Cambridge Mathpro-Programmes that Qudra will provide in Oman, youngsters can find out maths by means of an revolutionary and activity primarily based idea. The programme introduces mathematical ideas to youngsters by means of proactive studying sources such as books and tablets. To implement the programme, Qudra will companion with schools exactly where Cambridge Mathpro-programmes can be integrated with classroom teaching.

The founder of Qudra, Khadija is winner of Zubair SEC’s Direct Support Programme for the year 2017. As element of Zubair SEC’s efforts to market social effect by means of company and help young social entrepreneurs, Khadija’s organization Qudra was chosen for the Direct Support Programme’s Social Entrepreneurship Seat for the clear social improvement mission at the core of the company model.

Khadija’s organization Qudra focuses on capacity developing and expertise improvement in the educational and coaching sectors. Qudra offers a assortment of capacity developing tools and solutions to folks especially youth and students in an work to prepare them for future educational, profession and life good results. Qudra delivers programmes that develop the capacity of youth in the places of different expertise improvement, Art &ampCrafts, and other people.

Cambridge Mathpro-Programmes will be a new course that Qudra will be adding to the list of solutions it provides.

Speaking of the agreement, Khadija stated, “Introducing this programme is a major milestone for Qudra. Zubair SEC advisors met with the original creators of this programme in India. The Cambridge Mathpro-Programmes has been developed in India after many years of research. Through this programme, teachers will be able to ignite a joy among children for learning math. The programme will help children better comprehend the basic mathematical concepts. I am sure schools in Oman will benefit immensely from this programme if the decide to introduce it.”

She added, “I thank the Zubair SEC for facilitating this agreement. I am grateful for the guidance and direction I have received from the advisors at Zubair SEC. They have really helped me in this challenging journey.”

Adel Al-Hubeishi, Senior Advisor, Zubair SEC says, “The signing of this agreement is very important from a business development point of view. It will not only give Khadija a chance to access to several schools and other educational institutions but also give her a bigger revenue stream. This again contributes to Khadija’s main area of business which is capacity building. The schooling and educational arena in the country will benefit immensely from the programme Qudra will offer. Khadija has been very meticulous, and we are certain that she will continue her successful journey because of her positive attitude and determination.”

Zubair SEC has often been in the forefront in assisting ambitious begin-ups and entrepreneurs to develop assertively. Through Zubair SEC, its members have been possessing far better access to understanding, innovation and understanding of the marketplace.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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