Friday, 2 Jun 2023
Zubair SEC holds Tajribati session on professional practices

Zubair SEC holds Tajribati session on expert practices

The session supplied insights into the expert practices, values and codes of conduct followed by top international businesses and highlighted what they appear for when it comes to SMEs.
The ‘Tajribati’ series serves as a distinctive platform to connect business specialists with begin-up owners and new entrepreneurs to exchange views, go over frequent challenges and share greatest practices. The ‘Tajribati’ discussion series organised by Zubair SEC, a social duty initiative of The Zubair Corporation, is aimed at supporting young entrepreneurs and owners of tiny and medium enterprises.
The session was held to emphasise the truth that enterprise expert practices can assist businesses construct a good corporate culture, client self-confidence and economic strength. The discussion also touched on function ethics, bribery, conflicts of interest and accountable advertising.

Yvo L de Zwart, the chief operating officer of Rock Oman, Chris Raijmakers, director Middle-East of Strukton International and a companion of Rock Oman, and Aisha Al Saifi, resident director, Royal Haskoning DHV, Oman had been the important speakers. The session was moderated by advisors from Zubair SEC and a number of members of the Centre such as Ali Said Abdullah Al Rashdi, founder of Muaawana, a fleet upkeep service enterprise, and Jokha Al Hussaini, founder of Shumookh Engineering Consultancy also shared their thoughts and experiences on the subject.
The speakers emphasised that ethical enterprise practices region figuring out element in the achievement of their businesses and mentioned that, in the identical way, that huge-scale businesses recognise the value of enterprise ethics, it is crucial for SMEs to do so, creating and implementing codes of conduct in their enterprise operations primarily based on international models.
The specialists reminded participants at the session that most huge businesses favor to sign a contract with SMEs which show awareness of such requirements and have incorporated them into their each day practices. In this way, they demonstrate an awareness of danger and willingness to function with them as a team to make certain adherence to the highest requirements of integrity. Examples of such requirements pointed out integrated the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) Code of Principles, which is extensively accepted about the planet when it comes to infrastructure projects. They also advised them to analysis code of principles followed by huge businesses and are accessible on official web sites.
The specialists advised that members be totally committed to the principle of honesty, integrity and fair play in the delivery of goods and solutions.
Speaking of participating in the Tajribati session, Yvo L de Zwart mentioned, “I am grateful for the opportunity to have been able to speak with this gathering of young and talented Omanis.”
He advised, “Always deliver what you promise and once that happens you build business relations.”
Aisha Al Saifi advised the begin-ups to function to maximise the good effect of their projects and towards the extended-term objectives needed to be accomplished following the delivery of their projects. She mentioned, “The impact that we leave as a company, based on the work we deliver, is important. It is about sustainability and it is about sharing value.”
Chris Raijmakers urged the young entrepreneurs to stick to their guarantee concerning timeframe, deadlines and deliverables.
Lina Hussein, head of Communication and Social Impact at Zubair SEC mentioned, “The session on business ethics was enlightening for the members of Zubair SEC as the experts provided valuable insights into the topic. With the escalating role of small and medium businesses, an ethical approach towards business is imperative for them. The session reminded the participants that international companies will not deal with companies which not have established business ethics practice.”
The month-to-month Tajribati discussion sessions have been gaining really great momentum year on year. Members and non-members keenly await the session to share insight with their fellow entrepreneurs, go over matters of concern, share information and expertise, and network in a friendly constructive atmosphere.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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