Friday, 2 Jun 2023
Wise minds@ISG celebrates its first anniversary with pomp and gaiety

Wise minds@ISG celebrates its initial anniversary with pomp and gaiety

The programme commenced with the normal Toastmaster’s session. The theme for the day was ‘Share our similarities, celebrate our differences’. The members delivered exceptional icebreaker speeches and enthralled the audience. The different part players executed their roles meticulously and set the tone for the occasion.

The formal function started with the president of the Club, TM Shubha Jose, extending a really warm welcome to the chief guest and the distinguished members of the audience comprising programme high quality director, District 105, DTM Robin Anand, instant previous Division D director TM G Kumar, instant previous Area six director – TM Suryakant Kirloskar, club mentor- DTM George Thomas, pathways guide, TM Bipin Kuriakose, senior Toastmasters, college convener, TM Sunil Kattakath and the principal Papri Ghosh. It was followed by the cake cutting ceremony and the presentation of the Club Report by vice president, Membership, TM G Sreekumar. The report titled ‘The Journey of Wise Minds@ ISG’, traced the development of the club given that its inception. A powerpoint presentation ‘Glimpses of a Smooth Take off!’ highlighted the myriad achievements of the members of the club.

In his address, Shakeel spoke very of the conduct and the achievements of Wise Minds which was reiterated in the speeches delivered by the distinguished members of the Toastmaster’s fraternity. Papri appreciated the work place in by the members and added that in the coming years, she hopes to see them shining not only at Area and Division Levels but also at the District Level.

The segment titled ‘Buds to Flowers’, saw members sharing their expertise of evolving as eloquent and confident public speakers in a really supportive atmosphere. This was followed by the Award Ceremony in which the club mentor DTM George Thomas, instant previous Area six director TM Suryakant Kirloskar and pathways guide TM Bipin Kuriakose have been felicitated with mementos. Vice president Education TM Marifilis M D’souza bagged the Star Performer Award. Members who have been actively involved with the proceedings of the club and these with ideal attendance have been also felicitated.

A memento was also presented to the chief guest as a token of appreciation and gratitude by college convener TM Sunil Kattakath.

Yet yet another milestone was the release of the initial edition of the newsletter ‘Ripples’, which is a memoir of the views, experiences and awards of the members. The occasion concluded with the vote of thanks and a group photograph. Wise Minds@ISG is set to leave an indelible mark in the arena of public speaking.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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