Sunday, 26 Mar 2023
Winner of Lunar Cinema Ticket to watch movies announced

Winner of Lunar Cinema Ticket to watch films announced

The occasion integrated the announcement of the winner, a presentation about the cinema, a speech by Nabhani, CEO of the cinema and launching a promotional ticket. The CEO declared that this prize is deemed a single of its type in Oman and its marketplace worth is 1 million dollars.

In addition, he stated that this prize should be authorized internationally. Nabhani declared that Lunar Cinema usually aims to enrich the cinema culture in the sultanate by launching competitions and particular provide, which are offered in line with the distinct events and Eid festivals. Moreover, the cinema participates with society via different activities. Nabhani affirmed that the cinema usually launches brand new tips in order to preserve pace with the speedy improvement in this art which enjoys huge recognition globally.

He urged everybody to attempt Lunar Cinema, clarifying that they are about to open new branches according to the higher demands from distinct regions in the sultanate. The announcement of the new branches will be produced subsequent month. 

He pointed out that the cinema offers different and particular solutions. They contain 3 categories: Private rooms, two individual seats and ordinary film theatre seats with particular solutions. He added that the cinema offers full privacy for the customers of the private rooms which contain 3 category with capacities of seven, eight and ten persons. The customers can pick the time and sort of the film they want to watch in a totally private space.

The cinema offers comfy seats whose positions can be controlled by the user. It also offers a blanket, pillow, mobile charging wire and Wi-Fi. The cinema also offers the user a meals service whilst he is on his seat by providing him a menu which contains fresh drinks, burger, pizza, popcorn, nachos, distinct salads, hot drinks, and so on.

Lunar Cinema is situated on the ground floor in Al Auraimi Complex in Qurm Commercial Zone.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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