Sunday, 26 Mar 2023
Wildcraft to open first retail store in Muscat

Wildcraft to open initial retail shop in Muscat

As a pioneering brand in India, Wildcraft is these days the leader in the adventure and outside category in the nation with powerful development prospects, owing to the understanding of the segment and drive for continuous innovation. Wildcraft owns 175 exclusive outlets and has a presence in more than four,000 multi-brand outlets across India.

Headed on an aggressive development path, Wildcraft plans to woo the international marketplace by supplying its most revolutionary and wide variety of items on show providing a physical encounter to new consumers. Situated in the heart of the city and spread across an region of 100sq m inside Oman Avenues Mall, Wildcraft plans to provide items like gear, clothes, footwear and camping that are a organic match in the hotter and humid climates in the GCC markets. The Wildcraft shop at Oman Avenues Mall is all set to provide the biggest variety of backpacks till date.

Gaurav Dublish and Siddharth Sood, co-founders of Wildcraft, mentioned, “The Middle East is an important market for us, and the expansion is the first step towards our international growth journey. The strategy is to reach countries with similar climatic conditions and geo-proximity and to connect with customers strongly through our product innovation.”

“We are gearing up to fill the gap in the Oman market, where trekking, hiking and exploring the great outdoors has always been an attraction to residents and tourists alike. With Wildcraft, we will offer more specific and practical products, which are suitable for the GCC climatical conditions,” mentioned Amit Sampat, director of Naranjee Hirjee Group.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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