Tuesday, 31 Jan 2023
Wassan Specialty Dental Centre’s CEREC system gets thumbs-up

Wassan Specialty Dental Centre’s CEREC method gets thumbs-up

The higher-tech method, which holds pride of spot amid Wassan Dental’s cutting-edge dental paraphernalia, efficiently does away with the want for numerous visits frequently connected with the installation of crowns, inlays, onlays, veneers and other implant and orthodontic treatment options. 
Consequently, the chairside expertise for clientele is hassle-free, pleasant and far faster than ever prior to.

Not surprisingly, clients who received dental treatment options primarily based on the use of the CEREC method mentioned they have been ‘very satisfied’ in a short survey of clientele carried out by Wassan not too long ago. Asked whether or not they would suggest the novel method to other people, the clients responded with a unanimous ‘yes’.

The survey elicited good and significantly satisfying responses from clientele hailing from various backgrounds and nationalities. Salim Ali, a 28-year- old Omani expert, mentioned the CEREC-primarily based therapy left him smiling a lot more confidently right after a current go to to Wassan Dental. Kalpana D, an Indian expat, mentioned that she felt comfy biting on the newly treated tooth. Omanis, who accounted for a substantial chunk of the respondents, reported that the ‘bite factor’ had enhanced right after the CEREC process. Susan John, an American expat, mentioned the CEREC method created a distinction in the way her dental issue was treated. Powering the CEREC method is revolutionary dental technologies which, combined with the unmatched capabilities of Wassan’s very knowledgeable specialists, aids individuals restore the all-natural strength, aesthetics and functionality of their teeth in just 1 go to.

A very sensitive Omnicam digitally scans the mouth to develop a 3D model of the tooth region that needs restoration.

As the patient relaxes in the dental chair, personal computer-assisted design and style (CAD) tools and a milling machine then go to function in producing custom-created ceramic restorations.

But as opposed to standard treatment options, the ceramic restorations are far from short-term.

Fashioned from the finest dental components, the CEREC restorations supply nearly the identical functionality as all-natural teeth and can therefore be permanently set in spot. For instance, CEREC restorations expand and contract just like typical teeth when in make contact with with hot or cold meals or drinks. They also bond chemically to the underlying tooth structure, thereby assisting stop additional harm to the tooth. Dr Puneet Soratur, senior dental surgeon of Wassan Specialty Dental Centre, mentioned, “With CEREC, dental treatments are no longer the stress-filled, often painful, multi-visit procedures we have known them to be. On the contrary, it’s a game-changer that is transforming dental practice around the world. “Wassan Dental is making it available to our clients in line with our longstanding commitment to bringing the latest technology and treatments to Oman. Along with the advantages that come with single-visit dentistry is our reputation for quality standards and customer-centric care.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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