Wednesday, 31 May 2023
Wassan Dental celebrates 15 years of service

Wassan Dental celebrates 15 years of service

Dr Siju George, specialist orthodontist and the founding director of Wassan Speciality Dental Centre stated, “Our centre has every facility under one roof and so it is easy for patients to come here for treatment as there is very less waiting time. From general check-ups to high-end operations, this is indeed a one-stop destination for every dental problem. We have facilities for 3D scans, paedodontics, prosthodontics and root canals.”

Issam Khamis al Farsi, chairman of Wassan Specialty Dental Centre, stated, “The 15th anniversary marks an important milestone in an exciting journey that has taken Wassan Dental to the pinnacle of excellence in private dental services in the capital region.” A Wassan Dental team also demonstrated how artificial teeth is created with the use of 3D scan and zirconium.

“After the measurement is taken and we make a 3D imprint, the machine makes the tooth as per the design. After that we can fit it in the mouth with precision. Now, with the digital design everything is smooth,” Farsi stated.

The clinic which is situated in Al Khuwayr, Muscat has also announced the launch of its new interactive web site which will be up early subsequent month. The web site will aid clients maintain abreast of the remedies provided at the clinic. Wassan Dental also plans to set up a second clinic in the suburbs of Muscat later this year.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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