Sunday, 26 Mar 2023
Vyaniti Yoga to organise mass suryanamaskar on March 30

Vyaniti Yoga to organise mass suryanamaskar on March 30

Muscat – 

This year Vyaniti Yoga began by Prema Nagesh will be conducting a session exactly where individuals of all ages (eight years and above) will try to carry out 108 suryanamaskar [sun salutations] on March 30. The occasion will be held at the Shangri-La Barr al Jissah amphitheatre from 5pm onwards. The occasion which is becoming held in association with the Oman Cancer Association aims to raise fund for cancer impacted individuals in Oman.

This occasion will also be attended by India’s oldest 99 year old Yoga teacher Nanammal, who was lately awarded the Padma Shree by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Registrations for the occasion require to be completed just before March 17. First 500 participants will be provided a T-shirt and a yoga mat. Enquiries relating to the occasion can be created by means of the WhatsApp numbers 96526103/99372721 or e-mail

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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