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Visa details must be transferred to new passport to access e-gates: ROP

Visa particulars need to be transferred to new passport to access e-gates: ROP

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Expatriates who have renewed their passports need to have their visa web page transferred to the new document in order to access the e-gates at Muscat International Airport, according to Royal Oman Police. “One has to go to the Directorate General of Passport & Residence located in each governorate to get this done,” a senior ROP official told Muscat Daily. 

There are many accounts of travellers becoming unable to access the e-gates. Mohammed T, an Egyptian expatriate who lately travelled via Muscat International Airport, went to an e-gate which he could not access. “The first e-gate opened on inserting the resident card, but after that the system showed an error and the exit gate did not open. The entry gate reopened and I had to walk out and go through the manual immigration counters,” Mohammed mentioned. He was disappointed with the expertise as he had to wait in a lengthy queue without having understanding why he was unable to use the e-gates. Another traveller, Rajdeep Paul mentioned, “I could not access the e-gate when I recently travelled through Muscat Airport. I guessed it was something to do with my recent passport renewal which means I have a new passport number.” On enquiring with an immigration official at the counter, he was told that he would have to go to the directorate in Seeb and get the info updated in his new passport, right after which he would be in a position to use the e-gates.Unable to access the e-gates, Preeti Raj, a homemaker residing in Oman, believed these had been malfunctioning. “It did not strike me even once that it had to do with passport renewal,” she mentioned, adding, “There should be some information somewhere so that people know why they are being denied e-gate access.”According to the ROP official, as soon as a passport is renewed, an person has a new passport quantity. “The system in the e-gate counter has the database of every expat residing in Oman stored. But when the passport is renewed and if the visa page is not transferred to the new passport, the database is not updated. It still has the old passport number and so access is denied,” he explained.“At the Directorate of Passport & Residence, ask for a form to transfer the visa page to the new passport,” he explained. “Once the form is filled, submit it and instantly all the new data, including the new passport details, will be fed into your ID card by the officials.” 

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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