Sunday, 29 Jan 2023
Virgin Radio Oman organises personal meet with its partners and clients

Virgin Radio Oman organises private meet with its partners and customers

Muscat – 

In a move to discover much more about the new radio station, its format, target audience, programming, prices and technique, Sabco Media gathered its partners and customers at the Shangri-La Hotel, to bring them closer to its new radio station, Virgin Radio Oman.

Around 120 individuals gathered at the Shangri-La Hotel and enjoyed an evening with Virgin Radio. Partners and customers from various industries had the likelihood to comprehend the brand far better and taste the sound of Virgin Radio.

A presentation was shown on the value of marketing campaign and Virgin Radio Oman’s sales technique.

Virgin Radio Oman team interacted with the guests and exchanged views and suggestions about radio in basic and how they can assist make their campaigns effective on Virgin Radio Oman.

Nadim Attieh, basic manager of Virgin Radio Oman, thanked the guests for attending the occasion and briefed about the radio.

“Virgin Radio started in 1993 founded under the inspirational leadership of Sir Richard Branson and now Virgin Radio broadcasts in 12 countries across the world, with more than 20 radio stations, listened to by more than 30mn listeners. Virgin Radio Oman has been in the making for more than two years. A lot of research, focus groups, statistics and analysis have been ongoing; we took a very close look at the radio market, identified the gaps and therefore, decided to have Virgin Radio Oman, as we strongly believe, that there’s a very large segment that no one is catering to: The millennials of 15-24 years age group. We call this age group ‘influencers’ because, not only do they influence the choice of music/radio stations when they are in the car, but they also influence many decisions parents make. That said, it doesn’t mean that only the 15-24 years category listens to Virgin Radio Oman, but also any adult who is young at heart.”

Virgin Radio Oman, is component of the renowned worldwide Virgin Radio network, Virgin Radio International, which has grown to be the world’s most well-known radio network commanding more than 30mn listeners.

Under the SABCO Group umbrella and with the launch of Virgin Radio Oman, SABCO Media has strengthened its stature as the major media group, with its expanding portfolio of cross-platform media channels that consist of Al Wisal FM, Merge FM, Y Magazine, Koooora Wa Bas, Mediate and Outdoor Media.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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