Thursday, 6 May 2021
Muscat Municipality has warned the public against vandalising children’s play areas and amusement rides in public parks. It is an offence which can invite hefty fines and jail, a civic body official has said.

Vandalising play places is a punishable offence: Municipality

“Each member of the public should act responsibly while using these things and tampering may invite a jail term not exceeding two months or fine depending on the damage caused,” the official told Muscat Daily.

He mentioned that the public must also report about individuals who trigger harm to public properties. “It is our national duty to protect all public properties. Damaging children’s rides or games deprives them of their rights. Though damage is also caused by children while playing, it has been noted that some youths who stay late in parks too, vandalise these rides. We also urge adults not to get on children’s rides to avoid breaking them as these rides are designed only for children.”

He mentioned some of the other public properties generally vandalised consist of street lights, irrigation systems, waste disposal bins and walls. Many individuals also harm walkways and gardens by barbecuing on these.

As per the law, it is prohibited to leave kids below the age of 12 without having supervision in gardens, public parks or playgrounds. The law also prohibits choosing flowers, climbing trees, walking on green places, barbecuing on walkways or green places, damaging plants or tampering with irrigation systems.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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