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UK hails sultanate's initiatives in finding solutions for crises in the region

UK hails sultanate’s initiatives in discovering options for crises in the area

He mentioned that the sensible polices pursued by the sultanate below the leadership of His Majesty the Sultan enabled it to turn out to be a hyperlink point in the area. He stressed his country’s keenness to seek advice from with the sultanate relating to concerns of the area as it has a great expertise in dealing with numerous thorny concerns and discovering suitable options to them. He described the sultanate as “a strategic and trusted partner”.

Burt also talked about the historic relations among the sultanate and the United Kingdom. He pointed out that these relations are expanding in numerous locations as each sides are keen to discover a lot more fields of cooperation. He affirmed that the UK is also keen to sustain its unique relations with the sultanate in light of the adjustments taking location in the planet.

As for the Omani-UK joint military workout Swift Sword three, he mentioned that the two sides have been preparing for this workout because 2012. “This is one of the largest exercises in UK Armed Forces with participation of 5,500 troops,” he explained.


Burt added that this workout reflects the mutual self-assurance among the two nations. “You cannot participate in such a large exercise unless you are working with a trusted partner,” he affirmed.

He also explained that the workout tests the capabilities of the UK and Omani forces in dealing with numerous situations. “The sultanate and the UK have strategic partnerships in the field of defence and security, and they can defend and support each other.”

He mentioned the aim of this workout is to get prepared for the future challenges in the area and improve the mutual cooperation, trust and respect.

Burt also spoke on the Omani-British Joint Working Group, affirming that because its formation in 2010, the group has been exerting efforts to market the bilateral cooperation and partnership among the two friendly nations by means of typical meetings. He added that the Group bargains with several concerns, seeks to discover appropriate options to them and bargains with concerns connected to trade and investment elements.


As for the 14th
 round of the group, which was held in Muscat this week, he explained that the meeting discussed implies of enhancing the bilateral relations in the fields of education and adapting academic disciplines that meet the requirements of the Omani labour marketplace.


He stressed that the financial and trade relations among the two friendly nations are “in continuous development”. He pointed out in this regard to the financial agreements and partnerships signed among the two sides in the course of the final period, such as the agreement among the sultanate’s government and the British Petroleum (BP) relating to Khazzan Project and the partnership agreement among Oman Drydock and Babcock International.

Burt also mentioned that the volume of trade exchange among his nation and the sultanate, as nicely as the joint investments and the exchange of visits among the trade delegation witnessed a exceptional improve in the course of the previous period, which reflects the contributions of the Joint Working Group in advertising and enhancing bilateral relations among the two friendly nations.

He added that the total trade in goods and solutions (exports and imports) among the sultanate and the UK reached £3.1bn in 2017, recording an improve of 92.two per cent compared to 2016. He pointed out that the UK is the biggest investor in the sultanate with 47.six per cent of all foreign direct investment in 2017 (worth approx £8.97bn.

Meanwhile, Burt at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office affirmed that his nation supports the efforts of the UN Special Envoy for Yemen Martin Griffiths, pointing out that the only answer for this crisis is dialogue and negotiations.

He mentioned, “This crisis must come to an end soon to stop the suffering of the Yemeni people who pay for this situation.”

He pointed out that the British government has allocated a sum to assistance the UN organisations and other humanitarian organisations functioning in Yemen to alleviate the suffering of the Yemeni folks.

As for the Iranian nuclear deal, he explained that his nation does not share the identical assessment with the US relating to this deal, affirming that all parties must adhere with the deal.

As for Brexit, he mentioned, “It is not easy, but I am sure that my country will reach a deal with the EU.”

He affirmed that the UK is keen to sustain its political and trade relations with the rest of European partners. He also affirmed that Brexit will not impact the UK relations with its non-European partners and allies.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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