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Tribute to Saint Thyagaraja organised

Tribute to Saint Thyagaraja organised

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Being the 250th year of aradana celebration of Saint Thyagaraja, Sri Thyagarajar, a musical drama by United visuals of Tv fame Tv, Varadarajen was lately staged for the 109th and 110th time, at the Krishna Temple in Muscat.

Saint Tyagaraja strode the field of Carnatic music as a colossus. While there is no way of establishing how numerous kritis he truly composed (estimates differ from six,000-24000), there is no doubt about the extraordinary influence he had on the improvement of Carnatic music practice.

T V Varadarajan and his devoted team place with each other crucial and fascinating events from the saint composer’s life in the kind of an eponymous musical play. It is creditable that a play lasting more than two hours managed to maintain the audience glued to their seats. The complete cast demonstrated their total commitment to the play. Varadarajan lived the element of Thyagaraja in each and every syllable, each and every move, each and every muscle and sinew. His portrayal of Tyagaraja’s anguish when he finds his beloved Rama taken away from him had numerous in the audience wiping away tears.

Every single character was portrayed by the artistes with utmost professionalism. The genius of Bombay Jayasree Ramnath shined proper via the play in the layout of the music and the option of kritis.

The organising team, Amman Devotees Muscat, comprising Venkatesh, Sureshkumar and other people, deserve sicnere thanks for their great Pongal present to the discerning Muscat audience.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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